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The unsigned musician's step by step system for releasing and selling your music

How To Fund Your Dream Album

This simple yet powerful guide will show you how to:

  • Quadruple your recording budget
  • Fund your dream album
  • Raise 3 times more cash than crowd funding
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Could It Really Be Possible?


You're a talented muscian. But getting that record out is tough. Maybe so tough that you've not done it yet.

The big labels aren't biting. And even if they did, you're not so sure they're the way to go anymore.

People keep asking if you have a new album out. You feel embarrassed to keep saying no.

But I know what the barrier is. It's not a lack of talent or a lack of songs. You've got all that.

But putting out a record independently - well it's not cheap!

There's the recording, the producer, the session musicians, the equipment, the graphic designer, the cost of getting it turned into a load of CDs, and the publicity.

It would cost a small fortune! How on earth can you afford that? It's either no album, or a ton of debt, right?

Think again!

In this workbook, I lead you through the most powerful way to fund your record. Yet it’s a strategy that almost every musician misses out on.

And no – it’s not crowd funding. It’s three times more powerful than that.

This system goes straight to where the big money is and shows you step by step how you get it and who from.

And as for debt? Not a bit of it. In fact, you’ll be in profit from your very first CD sale. Not even signed artists can say that.

Yet this is how it has been for me. So now I’m making the exact same system available to you, explained step by step so you just can’t go wrong.

Now Is Your Time To Shine!

It's time for you to step into the limelight.

You don't need a record label.

You already have all that you need, except the cash.

This exclusive report and workbook will transform that for you.

 Once you implement the steps in this report, you will have:

  • A fantastic recording budget
  • The ability to make the record you deserve to make
  • A recording budget to match your ambition
  • A debt free album project that costs you nothing
  • The freedom to artistically express yourself
  • A powerful network of influential publicists
  • A ready made system to keep on funding your albums forever!

My Story


When you hear my story, you'll see that if this system works for me, it will work for anybody!

I didn't start this journey with a ton of industry contacts. In fact, I was the ultimate industry outsider.

I've been writing songs all my life, since before I was a teenager.

But I did the whole "proper job" thing and didn't start performing with any seriousness until I was thirty five.

Trust me, no record label wants an emerging 35 year old artist!


The Answer!


I had no links and no network within the music industry at all, even at the lowest of levels.

Yet within months I had released my first album. Within that first release were the germs of the system that I'm sharing with you today.

I had hit upon an idea that I'd not seen any other musician use. But it made perfect sense to me, and I could see its power.

After all, I was a complete nobody, and I was getting other people to help fund my debut album.

So I worked on it and developed it over the next eight years on a range of recording projects, until the system was pretty much perfected.

Here's what happened on my latest album

  • I raised so much money using this system that I was able to record my dream album.
  • It had exactly the sound I'd always wanted - no compromises!
  • I hired a top, top producer to work with me. In fact, the records he has worked on have sold over 30 MILLION units.
  • He was used to working with household names. Now here he was, working with me.
  • I gathered all of my favourite musicians to work with me.
  • I produced a bumper fifteen track album that I'm beyond proud of.
  • The reviews in the national music press were incredible.
  • And the weird thing? I was in profit the moment I made my first sale.
  • It Really Works!

    So here I am, still a relatively unknown artist, proudly independent, with no record company backing whatsoever.

    Yet I’ve made a record with a top producer, and other people have paid for it.

    No debt. Just profit from the first sale.

    And all because the system that I’ve spent eight years developing and tweaking and testing WORKS!!

    Like I say, I’m no big shot.

    You don’t have to be a big star for this to work.

    There’s no secret ingredient that I have but you don’t.

    It’s all down to a system that is super powerful and that anyone can implement.

    All you have to do is follow my method step by step and the rest is child’s play.

So, what do you get?

  • This is a comprehensive, yet straight to the point, waffle-free 26 page workbook, packed with exercises for you to do to make this happen!
  • I will show you SIX killer strategies for building your list of funders. Just when you think you're out of ideas, you'll discover how to unlock a ton more.
  • You simply cannot fail if you follow my system to the letter.
  • I'll even show you how to spot the very best prospects so your time leads to the biggest cash pots.
  • To top it off, you'll discover how to unlock an army of smaller funders too.
  • And the big bonus? You'll unleash a powerful network of influential supporters, all spreading the word about your album, because now they care about it too!
  • This system gives you cash AND a team of powerful supporters. It's the perfect combination. And exactly what you need to be a success.

Knowledge That Is Worth Thousands

Until now, your only option was to hire a music industry insider to get these kind of results.

Can you imagine how much that would cost you to get that level of individual coaching and mentoring?

Can you imagine how much you would have to spend in advance to hire a music industry insider to go and raise the funds for you?

You're talking thousands and thousands of dollars!

And all with no guarantee of success.

Well not any more.

This system WILL raise you a ton of cash. It WILL more than pay for itself many times over.

I know what you’re thinking….

This is going to cost a LOT, right?

Well don’t worry.

This workbook will be worth thousands of dollars to you. But you won’t be having to pay thousands of dollars for this insider knowledge.

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Trust me, I really can’t give such a powerful system away at that price for long. It’s far too valuable.

So catch it while you can, and start to fulfil your talent.

This system will revolutionise how you think about album fundraising.

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I’m so confident that you’ll LOVE this method. So if you don’t, I’ll give you ALL of your money back – no quibbles, no questions asked.

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You see, I’m just so confident that you’ll be blown away by the power of this method, that I know you’ll recognise its value as soon as you use it and put it into action!

$47 is a crazy price for this information.

Over your recording career, this system will pay for itself hundreds and hundreds of times over.

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Think where you'll be 12 months from now if you do nothing. Still without a record? Or struggling to make records on a low budget?

You deserve much better than that. And so does your music. And you know it!

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