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Social Media Marketing For Musicians

Are you spending too much time trying to get fans using social media? Are you getting inadequate results?

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In this course you will discover...

  • How to develop a successful content strategy so you can consistently engage your fans
  • How to drive traffic to your website so you can win new fans
  • How to generate great content even if you hate to write and have little time
  • How to tell your story so you can turn fans into superfans
  • How to lead with your personality hook so you make new fans stick
  • How to use the multiple press release system so you maximise your reach
  • How to create a content and promo machine that still brings new fans many years from now
  • How to use time saving tools that will automate your entire promotion process, saving you hours of time
  • The fool proof tool I use to generate clickable content that people are desperate to read
  • The simple formula for getting more fans, followers, shares, signups and sales
  • How to implement the system step by step for constant free traffic
  • How to get social media success without it costing you time and money
  • How to use other people's content to drive traffic to your music website

Starts 1st December
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