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The Dream Album Fundraising Formula

Are you fed up being stuck with an album budget that means you keep falling short of the record you dream of making?

Is it standing in the way of making an album at all?

The Number 1 problem that gets in the way of independent musicians is a lack of CASH. Or to be more accurate - not so much a lack of cash - but a lack of proven strategies that raise cash.

Because you don't need to have money to be your own record label, and release your own records. But you DO need proven, easy to follow strategies that will raise money from others.

I have the solution. I call it my Dream Album Fundraising Formula. Because that's exactly what it is.

It's a Fundraising Formula that you can simply follow step by step, and end up with a budget that results in your own dream album.

It's the fundraising system that I have spent the last decade perfecting. And it's the fundraising system that I still use myself.

And because it's a system - you can use it again and again, any time you make a record. So you don't just get a dream album. You get a dream recording career. A lifetime as a recording artist.

So, what do you get with the Dream Album Fundraising Formula.

You get SIXTEEN video tutorials.

You get a FIFTY page workbook packed with advice and tasks to complete.

The sixteen video tutorials act as individual coaching sessions delivered by me, leading you through the process step by step.

They are important as they give you a clear idea - not just what to do - but why you are doing it.

It means you have a genuine understanding of my fundraising philosophy.

It also allows me to give examples, and to really take you through the process personally.

The fifty page workbook then sets you to work in a guided, structured way. You get to do the individual steps and decisions you need to make in order to get the dream album budget that you deserve.

I designed it this way so you have a very clear path through the process. No worrying. No having to find your own way.

Just simple, straightforward and powerful.

When 'Our Morals' made their debut CD, we knew nothing of the process. There was so much to learn it was daunting. But Alun took us through it every step of the way, and saved us from so many pitfalls. We couldn't have done it quite so easily without his expert coaching.

Alan Runswick, Album Project Manager

When I was making my record, I needed help with the minefield of CD packaging and choosing the right CD pressing company. Alun was on hand with great advice on how to take the next step.

Al O'Hare, Only Child

Alun is a great coach and knows exactly how to make independent records. He is the first person I  turn to when I'm making my own records, and his advice and coaching are invaluable.

Barry Briercliffe, Professional Musician
  • How To Fund Your Record


    1. The 6 proven ways for funding your record.
    2. The RED FLAG routes that I never use – and why.
    3. The guiding principle advice from a music industry multi millionaire.
    4. How to use the Multi Millionaire Music Tip.
  • Crowd Funding 101


    1. The minefield of crowd funding
    2. The hidden dangers that many people ignore.
    3. I’ll explain what crowd funding is – before drilling much deeper.
    4. The FOUR different crowd funding formats
    5. The formats which violate the multi millionaire’s guiding principle, and so you need to avoid.
    6. Crowd funding platforms, their costs, and why some leave you with burned fingers.
    7. How some crowd funding platforms can turn a successful campaign into a failed one – and what to look out for.
    8. How I crowd fund  how it stops me losing out on a heap load of cash.
  • How To Take Payment For DIY Crowd Funding


    1. Look over my shoulder as I show you how easy it is to take payment from your fans.
    2. Even if you’re not a techie, this is really easy.
    3. Watch what I do on the screen as I set up my own DIY Crowd Funding payment system.
    4. How to save a whole load of money in commission fees.
  • How To Get SIXTEEN Times The Cash


    1. The most powerful idea I have encountered during all of my research and experimenting with album fundraising.
    2. The one simple idea that means you get SIXTEEN times the cash from your best fans.
    3. How to massively increase the amount of cash you raise for your album.
    4. How to implement this game changing technique.
  • Making An Irresistible Crowd Funding Offer


    1. The science of building a crowd funding offer that gets results.
    2. How to build a crowd funding offer that has money pouring into your album budget.
    3. My own system for building irresistible crowd funding offers step by step.
    4. How to structure offers so you get 16 times the cash from your best fans.
    5. I will also be doing something really radical! I give you access to my own proven crowd funding offer so you can simply steal it and tweak it for yourself.
    6. My 15 Killer Crowd Funding Ideas. No need for your mind to go blank when building your offer when you can just pick and choose from ideas that have already proven to be irresistible!
  • Getting Started With Sponsorship


    1. Why sponsorship is THE most important method of raising funds for your album.
    2. I’ll be walking you through a breakdown of my actual numbers for my own Dream Album.
    3. I’ll be showing you which techniques were responsible for how much of my album fundraising.
    4. How to do sponsorship right – which means that you get the benefits of sponsorship while building your credibility at the same time.
  • Your Natural Sponsor


    1. The secrets to effective brainstorming.
    2. My personal method of brainstorming your natural sponsor.
    3. Finding your gut ideas and bringing them into conciousness
  • Your Natural Community


    1. The techniques I use to drill down into who my fans are.
    2. Why understanding who your fans are is a key step to maximising your album fundraising.
    3. My process of how to build a picture of who your IDEAL fan is.
    4. What makes your ideal fans tick, and what they look like.
    5. My own secret methods for identifying your ideal fans even when you don’t yet have any.
  • Who Shares Your Crowd


    1. How to use your concept of THE IDEAL FAN to connect you to your first list of ideal potential sponsors.
    2. Examples and case studies of acts whose concept of the ideal fan leads them effortlessly to the ideal funder.
    3. Why knowing your ideal fan results in your ideal funder.
  • Your Big Mission


    1. My favourite, left field way of finding the kind of funder you can only dream of.
    2. How to drill down into you, who you are, and what your story is.
    3. How to use these elements of your story to identify the perfect funder.
    4. How to find an ideal match for who you are as an artist and as a human being.
    5. My favourite way of getting sponsors who are simply perfect for you.
    6. Some of my favourite case studies to help you hook into your own story.
    7. How to find the funders who won’t just give you cash, but will champion you for all they are worth too!
  • The 3 Fs


    1. My in depth system for identifying the people most likely to be your early bird sponsors.
    2. The most overlooked way to get big money in fast.
    3. My exact step by step method for actually naming the people most likely to fund your album with the least effort.
    4. The people who are your most READY TO BUY funders.
    5. My step by step system for putting names and faces to this group of potential sponsors.
  • Squeezing Out Additional Funders


    1. My personal reflective process.
    2. The system responsible for delivering some of my most lucrative funders.
    3. How to get a ton of extra ideas, even when you think you’re all brainstormed out.
    4. My proven 4 Step process for generating a final avalanche of ideas that brings in even more cash for your album.
  • Building Your Sponsorship Shortlist


    1. The all important process of narrowing down your ideas into an actionable target list of potential funders.
    2. The FIVE different steps that ensure that you zoom in to your most likely sponsors.
    3. How to avoid wasting time and effort on those who just won’t give you the cash you need.
    4. How to focus your energies on the big hitters and the most likely funders.
    5. How to get more from certain sponsors by getting other things in place of cash.
    6. How to get a target list of sponsors who are a great fit for you, are easy to reach, and have something mega valuable to offer you.
  • Creating Your Sponsorship Offer


    1. How to move beyond the who to the HOW.
    2. How to get an offer for your target funders.
    3. How to structure and create an irresistible sponsorship offer – step by step.
    4. Successful sponsorship deals don’t just happen, they are structured in a certain way. I will show you how this works, and lead you through the step by step process of putting this stucture in place for your own offers.
    5. Great case studies of how other industries build offers to maximise their cash, and how you can do the same.
    6. Even if you’ve never built an offer before, this system is really easy to put together,
    7. I show you how the pricing works, how many offers to make, and what kind of things need to be in your offer to make it super attractive and generate the cash.
    8. What funders will be wanting in return so you can be as persuasive as possible with your offer.
    9. See my own successful sponsorship offer for my latest studio album, so you can see how it worked for real. And so you can steal it and tweak it for your own target sponsor list.
  • Your Perfect Price


    1. My foolproof system for finding your maximum price.
    2. How so many people leave bundles and bundles of cash on the table because they simply get the price wrong.
    3. My formula for finding your perfect price, even if you’ve got zero experience in business.
  • Your Perfect Pitch


    1. How to you pitch your offer so that people are queuing up to fund your album project.
    2. How to approach a potential sponsor.
    3. Who to target first from your shortlist.
    4. My two step method for contacting new funders.
    5. The classic rookie mistake that most new pitchers make.
    6. The simple mind shift that turns you into an overnight success.
    7. The 3 key benefits that potential funders are looking for from you. By putting them at the heart of your message, you’ll vastly increase your chance of getting a YES.
    8. The Twist Pitch Method – how to put it all together using this simple step by step systematic pitch building system.
    9. This is a jam packed final session that gives you the perfect toolkit for presenting an irresistible sponsorship offer that will inspire and excite your potential sponsors.

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