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Be Your Own Record Label

The step by step system for funding, releasing and selling your own music.

The most comprehensive start-to-finish guide to releasing your own albums.

Takes you from

  • planning your album project,
  • raising funds like an expert,
  • the insider secrets to pitching your album,
  • how to make 16 times the cash from the same fan base,
  • making a profit with your first sale,
  • how to get a great recording,
  • getting album artwork that will sell your album,
  • turning your recording into a product,
  • getting on iTunes and more,
  • discovering how to price your music,
  • how to get your album in the stores,
  • turn your website into a direct-to-fan retail store,
  • how to promote your album,
  • getting reviews, interviews, and airplay,
  • organising an album launch
  • how to book a tour

and tons more.

Including these bonuses:

  • My Insider Guide To The Changing Music Industry: Getting Paid In The Age Of "Free"
  • Hits and Misses - How To Spot Them Before You Record
  • How To Find Fans In Five Minutes Flat
  • Recording Other People's Songs Legally and Hassle Free
  • Plans And Timelines


    1. The ninja productivity tricks that will help you get things done super fast.
    2. The seven stages of making a record, and how long your album project is likely to take.
    3. How long each stage of an album project will typically take.
    4. With my help you will be quickly planning out your own record project.
    5. I will walk you through an example project plan, step by step, from first action to your album release.
    6. Discover not just what to do, but when to do it and why.
    7. You will build your own album project plan, and set your album’s release date.
  • Raising The Cash


    1. The six proven ways for funding your record.
    2. The music millionaire’s finance tip that helps you decide which ones are right for you.
    3. The album funding methods you must never use.
    4. How to make a record without spending a dime of your own money.
    5. How to be in profit from your very first sale.
    6. The four different crowd funding systems.
    7. The difference between crowd funding platforms and DIY crowd funding, and why it matters.
    8. The hidden crowd funding glitches that can cost you thousands.
    9. Look over my shoulder and discover how to easily take payment for DIY crowd funding – even if you’re not a techie.
    10. The simple system for making 16 times the cash from the same fan base.
    11. How to create your own irresistible crowd funding offer, step by step.
    12. Get access to my own proven crowd funding offer so you can steal it for yourself.
    13. 15 killer crowd funding ideas to get you started.
    14. The most important method for raising funds for your album.
    15. How to brainstorm your natural, ideal fundraising supporters list.
    16. The foolproof system for fully understanding who your best fans really are.
    17. How to use your fans to lead you to your first list of ideal potential funders.
    18. How you can sit down and actually name the people most likely to give you album funding.
    19. How to squeeze the last lucrative ideas for your funders list.
    20. How to build a fundraising shortlist that zooms in on your most likely prospects.
    21. How to structure and create your own killer offer to funders.
    22. The foolproof system for finding your maximum price, so as to raise as much cash as you can.
    23. The step by step system for making your fundraising offer irresistible.
  • Creating The Album


    1. How to find the right studio and engineer for you.
    2. Insider tips for making the most of your recording budget.
    3. Three great ways to record your album for free.
    4. How to decide what to record.
    5. How to create a powerful online teaser campaign while still in the studio.
    6. The 7 golden rules of how to survive and prosper in the recording studio.
    7. How to find the perfect designer for your album artwork.
    8. Hhow to get yourself a fantastic album cover for your record – and why it matters more than ever before.
  • From Sound File To Professional CD


    1. How to decide which production option best fits your music career.
    2. Let me guide you through the jungle of CD packaging options available for your record.
    3. The pros and cons of CD booklets, and whether you need one.
    4. Understanding printer-speak – some vital terminology that printers use that you need to know.
    5. How to find a CD pressing company – the secret tips to find the right one.
    6. Everything you need to know about CD production.
    7. How many CDs should you get pressed, and why.
    8. How to avoid those dodgy CD companies that will bring you disaster.
  • Getting Your Album "Release Ready"


    1. The standard formula for pricing your record.
    2. Why your career goals matter when it comes to pricing.
    3. How to align your pricing with your goals.
    4. Some great pricing experiments that have worked for me.
    5. How to release your record digitally via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and more.
    6. How to get a barcode for your record.
    7. How to get into literally thousands of stores at the push of a button.
    8. How to make money from social media and movie rights.
    9. The key information you need to give to your designer.
    10. The “life saver” checklist that will save you thousands in refunds.
    11. All about music rights – what they are and which music rights you want to reserve.
  • Getting In Stores And In The Media


    1. How to target and build a media contact list that will lead you to receiving media coverage, reviews and radio airplay.
    2. How to make it easy for journalists to cover your music.
    3. The step by step rules of how to write and structure the perfect press release – even if you’re not a writer.
    4. How to build a content system to promote your record online.
    5. How to get airplay from podcasters worldwide, without really trying.
    6. The proven strategies for getting your record into the stores.
    7. The mechanics of the record retail industry – how the numbers work.
    8. How to take sales payments on your website and social media channels.
    9. Why it makes financial sense to be your own retailer.
    10. How to sell downloadable products direct from your website and social media channels.
    11. How to get your fans to become your promotion team.
    12. The one stop shop tool for all your CDs, merchandise, and digital downloads.
  • Launching Your Album - And Beyond


    1. How to ask for gigs in a way that gets them.
    2. How to use The Anchoring Technique to build your tour.
    3. How to promote and sell at tour concerts.
    4. Why you need an album launch event, and how to make sure it’s a huge success.
    5. Online strategies to keep promoting your record after the launch.
    6. Some great ideas for keeping people talking about your record.
    7. The insider technique for generating a storm of sales whenever you want to.


No questions. No hassle. If you don’t love this life changing program, then I don’t want to keep your money. Just get in touch within 30 days, andI’ll refund every penny. No harm done. No hard feelings. This is my Personal 100% Rock Solid Guarantee.